October Newsletter

Greetings this Louis Avalos EA presenting a practice management update. This is October 2023 and we can label this the longest year of procrastination. It begs the question when will it be over? This has has also been the year of identity theft nobody is safe. Simple rule any strange request from a bank or vendor or delivery service wanting to verify your data is an immediate delete. This is especially true on any messaging service immediately delete. Your computers and smartphones need to have the latest updates the updates contain the latest malware updates. Is your router older than five years get a new one. Router are also updated with the latest firmware updates that prevent malware from entering your system. Speaking of systems the five rule applies the newer system are cheaper faster and more malware savvy than your system. Last one when was your last backup? If it was before Covid please backup. Also are you using a password manager or a notebook? Use a strong one like Keeper very inexpensive also hack proof. The bad actors are out and they want your clients data but we need to protect it it’s our responsibility. Next time we will discuss WISP and more.