Hi to All!

As I write this letter 2022 Tax Season is officially open. And we started with a little rain and then more rain to tax deadline has been extended to May 15, 2023. We will have an extra 30 days to prepare returns and hopefully not work our crazy 15-hour days. I have seen a few posts on the NAEA to send letters to Congress and ask them to move the deadline date to May 15th. I think this would allow us more time to work on more complex returns but would this leave us open to take on more clients and continue to work crazy hours? Recently I attended a webinar from CSEA called “Setting Yourself Up for Success in 2023”. The discussion was based on how we work crazy hours and is it necessary. A lot of preparers are burned out from covid, tax law changes, PPP, ERC and IRS issues. I listened to the advice given and I thought to myself, can I be home for dinner a few nights a week and can I take off a Sunday here and there? And the answer is yes! The first step is saying goodbye to PITA clients. This was the best feeling for our office when we wrote the letters and said goodbye. Now the next plan is to make my schedule work with my family life.

Our next meeting will be Tuesday, February 21st and Shannon Hall, EA will be giving us a California update.  Remember, in March and April we are dark so we will meet again in May for Education.

During March and April, we will be hosting a few “round tables” zoom meetings. Bring your questions or just say hi. Be on the lookout for more information coming soon on the events. The tentative schedule dates are Sunday March 12 at 1pm-2pm and Friday April 7th at 6pm-7pm

Don’t forget our last boarding meeting until May is February 21 at 3:30. Come and join us and bring us your ideas or thoughts.

Kim Mellinger-Cheng, EA OCCSEA President