February News from your State Association

What is new at CSEA besides the COVID?

Louis Avalos is serving as the CSEA Board Director for the OC chapter.

CSEA hosted a Board Meeting on January 8th and 9th. The objective was to finalize the plans for the year 2022 with regards to the financial summaries and strategic discussion.

Here are the highlights that have occurred.

On the CSEA website, the Learning Hub Page has been improved. No longer requiring a login if you are just looking for a class. All classes offered through out the state will be listed. This will be the point of entry for registration and safe keeping of your class certificates. Also the self-study classes will be listed. Please check it out the next time you need a class.

Under future developments the SEE class it is being planned as an online version of the class. It is under discussion if a live class can be created the logistics for that will need to be addressed.

Also under development is a basic tax class for people who want to get into the business. This could become a prerequisite for the SEE class still under discussion.

The PIA committee has made available a client letters highlighting changes for the tax season this is also available on the CSEA website for our use. PIA is also looking at the creation of a EA day as way of getting our profession out there to the public. PIA is hoping to get the governor’s approval and make it an official date.

The Super Seminar will be held as a hybrid event on June 21 – 23 location will be the Peppermill Casino in Reno or you if you prefer Zoom in.


Louis Avalos EA

Last item please congratulate David Hillard on becoming the CSEA president. Well done David what’s next the White House?