Greetings and Salutations OCCSEA,

HOORAY!!! We have a new location and the reports have been ‘It’s Great!! The first event reports were: location, room, food all good. As most of you know, facilities for events, have been very scarce due to the Pandemic so thank you, Kim and Gillian, for finding and securing a long-term agreement for this facility! Thank you also for your persistence, it paid off!

Upcoming events, WOW!!!

Our Education chair, the incredible Kim Mellinger-Cheng EA has an incredible year of education planned for us and I know all of you will agree that there has never been a time we needed updates and tax information more. I have heard some of what she has planned but best to let her tell the whole of it, suffice to say, “Get ready for a GREAT year at OCCSEA!!

We will have a schedule and registration information will be available on the website very soon

Now for a couple “heads up! be ready for these” The Internal Revenue Service will start sending out information letters to recipients of the Advance Child Tax Credit and of the third round of Economic Impact Payments. Taxpayers will be required to reconcile any CTC received and the payments with their 2021 tax returns, remember to ask for this info!

Currently, 2021 returns are due to be filed on April 18, 2022. More IRS letters are coming. Your clients will continue to get IRS letters. Be prepared for them. Good advice is to ask clients, “did they receive payments for CTC income, UE income, etcetera. Get all you can at the interview to avoid letters later.

I would still like to hear from you regarding meetings. Are any of you interested in attending informal breakfast or lunch meetings to discuss whatever tax issues are on your mind? We can organize by location and meet as often as you would like. It can be a time when we do not have a structured meeting, just a time to talk and share ideas. Please contact me at if you are interested.

Hope to see you all soon!

Bill Stewart EA
1st Vice President OCCSEA