Membership begins with California Society of Enrolled Agents – CSEA and then you will select your local chapter
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Why the Orange County Enrolled Agents?

We are the largest chapter with over 400 Orange County members. The size of our chapter, our ongoing events and networking opportunities make us a dynamic, active and progressive group.

There’s a sense of community when you join with us. The Orange County of Enrolled Agents is a subsidiary chapter of the California Society of Enrolled Agents and affiliated with the National Association of Enrolled Agents, giving us access to over 4,100 tax professionals. They all specialize in various aspects of taxes and they’re all as close as an email or a cell phone.

We provide you with Education Discounts on key events such as our Super Seminar, Liaison Meetings, EA Workshops, Audio Tax, C-Star and more.

We provide Resource Discounts on CCH Tax Manuals, Quickfinder Handbooks and other tax reference materials.

You’ll get a subscription to CSEA Magazine and the OCEA Monthly Newsletter.

We offer Free Newsletter Advertising to members. This is invaluable if you are looking to sell a practice or hire an employee.

There are three basic categories of Orange County Enrolled Agents membership:

1. Enrolled Agent Members

Members are California Enrolled Agents who have an active enrollment card, pay dues, and file continuing professional education (CPE) reports as required. Member benefits, include discounts on educational offerings and other products and services, are available to all members, affiliates, and associates, although only embers can vote or hold elective office in the society.

2. Professional Associates

Professional associates are individuals who have passed the Special Enrollment Examination but have not yet been issued their enrollment card (an in-depth personal background check is done before the card is issued; until the card is issued, the designation “Enrolled Agent” cannot be used). When their card is issued, they are “turned over” to regular member status.

3. Professional Affiliates

Professional affiliates are CPAs or attorneys in California who choose to be affiliated with our society to take advantage of the discounts and services. Affiliates and associates pay dues and attest to CPE required hours on an annual basis to CSEA.

Do you have additional questions about membership? Please contact Bill Stewart

Read what some of our members say about us:

When I moved back to Southern California in 2003 I wanted to find a local chapter of the National Association of Enrolled Agents to join. I belonged to a chapter in Portland Oregon and had made many great friends there. I already knew the value of getting to know fellow enrolled agents and meeting once a month to share ideas and exchange tax prep challenges. I looked on the web to find a local EA chapter back in 2003 and the best local web site out there was the Orange County Chapter. I started attending the monthly meetings and before I knew it I had volunteered to help out at the Board meetings. As our tax practices have changed over the years, as we continue to add more and more electronic services for our clients and struggle to keep up with a web based world, I wanted to be associated with a group that WAS keeping up with the latest societal trends and business “best practices.” I have found our chapter to be one of the best resources to keep up with all these changes. And I am so happy to have been a part of our Chapter’s progress toward the electronic future.
Donna Miller, EA

I inherited my mother’s tax practice in 1996 when she passed away. Three members of the OCEA attended her funeral and offered me assistance; another sent me to the SEE class to get better qualified for the road ahead informing me it was the best education of its kind. He was right. I passed the enrollment exam in the fall of 1996.The members teaching the SEE class also encouraged me to join inviting me to attend a dinner meeting. They welcomed me to my first meeting like I was family and maybe I was, because most of them had known my mother. I have missed very few meeting since then. I have met many more since that evening years ago and these members, my colleagues, my competitors have mentored me through many storms. There are not many industries where your competitors will encourage you and send you on the path to improving yourself. As a result of their encouragement and mentoring I have completed NTPI, C-Star and countless hours of education turning a small home practice into a going concern with employees. How do you put a value on this?
Lisa Newton, EA Resource Center