Committee Members


David Shashoua, EA
Responsible for keeping the Bylaws of The Chapter current and compliant with CSEA, state and federal guidelines as well as any corresponding Standing Operating Procedures (SOP). Former chairs include Tony Diniz EA, Ken Noland EA.

 David Hilliard, EA

David M. Hilliard
Responsible for the education events The Chapter hosts such as obtaining the speakers; choosing the venue and all administrative functions necessary to present quality education to our members at a reasonable price. Former chairs include Patricia Kappen, Joe Dimino, and Joyce Cheng.


Robin Miller
Examines the work of the treasurer prior to sending the records to CSEA for tax return. Former chairs are Jack Lifshin EA, Lisa Newton EA, David Tomas EA, and Donna Miller, EA.

 Nancy Cahill, EA
Finance & Budget

Nancy Cahill
Meets to put together the operating budget for The Chapter that was voted on at the retreat. Former chairs are Robin Miller and Christine Davidson.

 Joyce Cheng, EA
Legislative Affairs

Joyce Cheng
Informs The Chapter on breaking legislature that affects us or our clients. Former chairs include Bill Geideman, Vicki Mulak, Devang Mehta, and Jean Krieger.

IRS Practitioner Seminar

Joseph Guccione

 Joe Davidson

Joe Davidson 
Evaluates membership needs and develops programs/events to retain and recruit members.  Keeps a list of current members, obtains the name tags for new members and welcomes them into The Chapter. Former Chairs include Patti Kappen, Debbie Harris, Patricia Yeckel, Robin Miller, John Kristianson, Hugh Cunningham, and Bill Stewart.

 John Kristianson, EA MBA
Past President

John Kristianson
All past presidents advise the current president.

Past President

Patricia Yeckel, EA
All past presidents advise the current president.


Dan Carlberg, EA
Finds and makes the arrangements for The Chapter retreat for the next fiscal year and presents it to the Board for approval.


Dale Quelle, EA


Scott Grandfield, EA



Ronald Schlegel
Former chairs include John Rumbold, EA and Donna Miller, EA.

Holiday Party

Meg Shields, EA

Public Information & Awareness

Bill Stewart
Increase public awareness of Enrolled Agents by disseminating relevant information, through various appropriate media within the constraints of available budget, toward this end. Former chairs include Ken Noland, Richard Quarterman, Dale Quelle, Bill Stewart, and Sebastian Herrera.


Obtains from CSEA a packet of information regarding disaster preparedness and in the event of a disaster will contact members to volunteer and man IRS sites assisting disaster victims in replacing lost records and filing of returns as required. Former chairs Dona Evans, Sharon Kay Gordon.


Establishes criteria for the selection of one or more nominees for each position on the Board of Directors. Develop and recommend to the Board of Directors a slate of Officers and Directors to serve on during the following fiscal year. Former chairs include Marilyn Ratliff, Al Shifberg-Mencher, Joe Guccione.